Why Choose FH?

We only hire experts.

That means Interior Architects, Architects & Graphic Designers. You get the benefit of having them all in-house. You get experienced shell/interior experts.

We do more than transform environments.

We understand your brand personality and reflect it in a way that translates into ROI.

FH Design Process

Our process is approachable and even enjoyable. We do the work on the front end to get it right the first time (saves clients time and money). We blend creativity and strategy for the best, most optimal results, personalize everything we do, and always over deliver.

Our Team

Every client has direct access to everyone working on their project. The FH Design team is comprised of the best of the best. We are flexible and can respond quickly without red tape or long processes, and our diverse capabilities reflect a wide range of styles.

We’re creative in all facets of a project.

We’re specialists/experts in brand development, design, budget, timeline, problem-solving, and execution.
Each project is uniquely tailored to meet each client’s needs.

Our People make a big difference in what we do.

Meet the Executive Team